Mate Selection: A Sociological Exploration

Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India, 65(1) : (1-14), 2016

Mate Selection: A Sociological Exploration

A.K. Nongkynrih
Department of Sociology, NEHU, Mawkynroh-Umshing Campus Shillong, Meghalaya


Mate selection is an important area of study in social science and among sociologists. Mate selection is about selecting a partner or a mate. It is not a simple matter to study the issue of mate selection because it is embedded with social factors such as social background, race, colour, status, political ideology, traditions and customs, religious rules, etc. This paper examines the subject-matter of mate selection by focusing on select tribal communities of North-East India. Based on the information the paper argues that the individual and the collective determine mate selection and mate selection is also governed and guided by customary rules and practices, and religious persuasions or denominational regulations.

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