The Nature of Lepcha Traditional Festival: An Overview

Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India, 65(1) : (39-54), 2016

The Nature of Lepcha Traditional Festival: An Overview

Sumitabha Chakraborty

Anthropological Survey of India, Eastern Regional Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Festivals are an important sector of folk culture. Because of the maintenance and fostering of traditional culture and tradition every folk society always make a considerable effort through such festivals, which is the reflection of cultural celebration of a society. Cultural values of the society, social situations can easily be reflected and justified in the festivals which offer a vision of the future. Festivals are prime subject matter of folklorist as well as anthropologists (Stoeltze, 1992). Anthropologist often argues that the celebration of festivals of the traditional communities always preserve cultural heritage, fostering social cohesion, releasing tensions and inculcating pride and loyalty. Festival is more likely a ritual and cultural performance. Nevertheless, an expression of the past, the world-view which these festivals imply can occasionally collide against current social values, which are directly correlated to the issue of people living together in harmony. Traditionalism is clearly based on an acritical and reified view of culture. Therefore, traditional festival of the Lepcha supports social integration throughout their reified view of culture they may have. More to say, this traditional festival contribute toward legitimizing social constructs which tend to strengthen peoples’ identical customs neglecting all the immigrant customs. Here is an attempt to scrutinize that unique feature of Lepcha traditional festivals which speaks the identical customs.

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